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Can Raw Eggs Make Your Dog’s Coat Shiny?

Raw Eggs and a Shiny Coat

by Bill Mutter

Can feeding your dog raw eggs make its coat shiny?

This is one of the oldest wives’ tales circulating in dog feeding circles. The white of an egg is almost indigestible when raw. More important, raw egg whites combine with an essential vitamin, Biotin, and make it unavailable to the dog.

In fact, scientists who want to artificially produce a Biotin deficiency in a dog feed it raw egg whites. One of the signs of Biotin deficiency is an unhealthy condition of the skin and hair, NOT a shiny coat.

A shiny coat on your dog is one indication of its health. So what can we do to achieve that healthy glow for our dog?

Well, hair IS protein. The first step is your dog’s diet. Feed your dog (unless it is a very old dog or a Dalmatian) a high quality, high meat base protein, dry dog food. This dog food should be a well-balanced food. Check the package label. Price is somewhat of an indicator of quality. Less expensive dog food will use poorer quality ingredients for protein such as hide, hair, hoofs and chicken by-products (what’s left after a chicken is processed, feet, beaks, intestines, etc.). While these ingredients are protein, they are also indigestible. Other dog food uses soybeans as their source of protein. Soybeans are an inexpensive protein. HOWEVER, they are also an INCOMPLETE protein, lacking in several important amino acids. Protein lacking amino acids cannot function properly, certainly not as high quality protein.

As to supplements, add only what your veterinarian or breeder advises. Whole eggs can be one of the most valuable sources of protein a dog can get, but only if cooked, and not in excess. Keep “table scraps” and treats to a minimum. Supply your dog with plenty of fresh water.

To give your dog a healthy, shiny coat, brush your dog’s coat frequently. Bathe your dog as necessary. When bathing use a high quality DOG shampoo and conditioner. DO NOT use soap or shampoo designed for humans as they are too harsh and can irritate your dog’s skin. One of the most important things to remember when giving your dog a bath is to make sure to completely rinse out all shampoo and conditioner out of your dog’s hair. If you don’t, your dog’s coat will be dull, itchy and your dog will most likely develop “hot spots”. Also make sure you completely DRY your dog, using lots of towels and/or a blow dryer.

As for raw eggs, the only way they can make a dogss coat shiny is if they are smeared all over the dogss coat. In that case, the dogss coat will be shiny . . . shiny and yucky!

Bill Mutter is a regular columnist for Doggiewoggie. He has raised, trained and shown dogs in AKC Dog Shows, has been involved in the Kennel Club, 4-H Dog Projects, Leader Dog Puppy Project, and more. Read more of Bill’s bio here.