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Dog Christmas Crafts

Dog Paw StockingLooking for some fun dog-related crafts to do for Christmas? These would be fun to do either with your kids or yourself – great to give as gifts too!

1. Dog Paw Christmas Stocking

This stocking is just the cutest! Make it for your dog or for a dog lover. You could add a name to this stocking too.

Instructions for Dog Paw Christmas Stocking

2. Dog Biscuit Dog Ornament

Here are instructions to make a cute dog out of a dog biscuit. The instructions say to glue a magnet on the back, but you could just as easily add a hanger and hang these on the tree. Very cute.

Biscuit Dog Instructions

3. Edible Dog

How about an edible dog made out of Oreos or similar cookies? This one looks like it would be a lot of fun for kids to make, and then they could give them as gifts to Grandma, etc. (If they don’t eat them first!)

Edible Dog Craft Instructions

4. Dog Bone Wreath

Great Christmas decoration for anyone who has a dog. And after Christmas, you can give the bones and dog toys to your dog.

Instructions for Dog Bone Wreath

5. Dog Draft Stopper

This is great if your windows or doors are drafty. Make a long dog to stop the cold air from coming in.

Dog Draft Stopper Craft

Have fun making these dog Christmas crafts. It’s a lot more fun to stay home and make things than to battle the crowds in the stores.

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